Apartment Amenities Worth Hunting For

If you’re looking for a new apartment, there is bound to be one or two amenities already on your wish list. Before making a deposit on your next apartment, check this list for other dream amenities. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Dream Apartment Amenities

24/7 Gym Access

The Deluxe Fitness Center at Haller Post Apartments, Seattle

Make your health a top priority in your new space by making sure you’ll always have access to top-notch exercise equipment. Create your own exercise routine — first thing in the morning or late at night. Best of all, exercising from an apartment gym means coming home to your own shower. You’ll love having a full-scale fitness center at home.

Living Room Fireplace

After a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with a warm drink. In this mild Seattle weather, a crackling fireplace brings cheer into a gray day, no matter the season.

Luxury Vinyl Floor

At first sight, you will swear your luxury vinyl floor is genuine hardwood. Each panel is treated with real wood in order to create a natural grain pattern, including subtle differences in shade and texture.

Once you clean your first spill, you’ll understand why we love luxury vinyl. Nearly everything comes off in one wipe with no residue and no stain. It’s perfect for small children and pets!

Off-Leash Dog Park

Many apartments advertise a dog park but really mean a 10×10 square of dirt. Hold out for a large, grassy plain, a place where dogs can run freely and be themselves. Some modern dog parks even include an obstacle course for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. You may also want a place to sit and relax while your dog socializes with other pups.

Parcel Lockers

Once you have a safe place for package delivery, you’ll never want to go back. Never fret about waiting for the mail to arrive; just know your package is tucked safely away.

Does this list seem far-fetched? Guess again. Each of these amenities is provided at the newly refurbished Haller Post Apartments, not to mention stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and designer lighting. View a full list of amenities, or browse for your favorite available suite.

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The Best Dog-Friendly Apartments in Seattle

In natural North Seattle, Haller Post Apartments has everything a dog needs to be happy and healthy. You can spoil your dog silly by visiting parks around the city or play at the Haller Post dog park. There are plenty of pups to meet and places to go in North Seattle.

Why Haller Post Apartments is Perfect for Dogs

Built-In Doggy Play Zone

Haller Post has its very own dog park: an off-leash area where pups can unwind after being inside all day. It’s a great place to meet other dog parents and even set up doggy playdates. Best of all, you can walk to and from the dog park without leaving home.

Plenty of Dog Walk Destinations

Haller Post is surrounded by gorgeous and spacious parks, from the wild trails of Carkeek Park to the 8.6-acre off-leash area at Magnuson Park. You will never run out of places to take your dog for a walk in North Seattle. Explore the city one block at a time with your furry friend by your side.

dog playing at beach paws in water tail curly

Magnuson Park is a gorgeous place to wander with your pup and socialize with other dogs. There is even a small off-leash beach in the northeast corner, but it can get crowded on the weekend. Nervous dogs do better visiting during weekday mornings and evenings.

Stain-Resistant Floors

Never fret about getting your deposit back. Every apartment is finished with vinyl flooring from the kitchen to the living room. With the look and charm of natural wood, this resilient material is easy to clean and tough to stain. Haller Post apartments are paws-itively pet-proof!

You and your dog will always be in good company at Haller Post. With lots of things to do and places to explore, it’s no small wonder the apartments bring in so many dog parents. See more of what Haller Post has to offer or apply now.

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